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Annual Fund


Investing in Motivated Young PeopleChess

The Annual Fund at John Bapst fills the gap between what the school receives in tuition, fees and other income and the expenses the school incurs to support excellence in academics, athletics and the arts for every student.

John Bapst supporters help the school to provide an excellent college-prep education to our students who come from 35 towns within a 100-mile radius of Bangor.  All gifts to the John Bapst Annual Fund support our students as they prepare to succeed in the dynamic world which awaits them.

While gifts to the Annual Fund have historically been left unrestricted, you may be interested in having more say in how your gift is used.  Contributions may be directed toward any one of four critical areas of the school's programs and operations:  Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts, and Areas of Greatest Need. 

Top Ten Reasons to Give to the Annual Fund

  1. You think investing in motivated students is one of the best ways to positively impact our community, our state and ultimately, our country.
  2. You know that your gift will help cover the gap that is left in yearly operating income after all tuition and fees are paid.
  3. You want your gift to leverage other gifts to John Bapst: Foundation giving increases at schools with high alumni and parent participation rates.
  4. You want help make sure that John Bapst’s future is as bright as its past.
  5. You want to support the great teachers that make a great school.
  6. You’re celebrating a reunion this year, and you want your class to contribute the most to this year’s fund and receive special recognition in The Round Table magazine.
  7. You’re thankful you were able to attend John Bapst and want to help others to have the same opportunities you did.
  8. You want to direct your support to the program at John Bapst that had the biggest impact on your life.
  9. Your want to help John Bapst maintain its position as one of the best high schools in the state.
  10. You want to honor a teacher, student or alum who made a difference in your life or is currently making a difference in your child's life.

Your gift to the John Bapst Annual Fund will make a difference.  

There is no “right” amount.  Gifts of every size from alumni, parents and friends of the school add up in a big way. 

violinIf you can give only a few dollars per month or per year, you can still help students reach their highest potential. Support what matters to you most.  Whether you want to help strengthen our academic program, support our athletic teams, help students in the fine arts or leave your gift unrestricted, any gift to the Annual Fund will make a positive impact on the lives of motivated young people. 

As your generosity benefits others, it can benefit you as well.  Because John Bapst is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 charitable organization, contributions to it are generally tax-deductible. 

The Annual Fund and our Boosters' Groups - Supporting John Bapst This Year

Unrestricted donations to the Annual Fund and restricted giving to the school’s Arts and Athletics Boosters allow the school to balance its budget each year – a requirement the Board of Trustees watches over carefully.  Approximately 5% of the school’s annual budget is covered in this way.  In 2014-15, giving to the Annual Fund exceeded $150,000.  Additionally, thousands of dollars came directly from the financial support of the Boosters. 


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