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International Program

Residential Life FAQ


1. Where do international students live?

In the 2012-13 year, we have 53 international students in attendance.  Fifteen of these students are living with local families (so-called “homestay families”) while the remainder live in one of our four residence halls.  Currently, we have one large girls dorm, one large boys dorm, and two smaller boys dorms.  All of the residence halls are a short walking distance from the school and dining hall, and convenient to local shopping and other attractions in downtown Bangor.

2.  How do I choose a homestay?

In the spring, applications are taken for our homestay program.  Because of the limited number of homestay openings each year, students who previously requested but were unable to be given homestays have first priority.  As a new student, you will be given the opportunity to specifically request a homestay as part of the application process.

3.  How many roommates will I have?

Nearly all students are placed in a double room, though we do have one or two triple rooms in the larger dorms.   In spring, students indicate their rooming requests, and we make every effort to accommodate those requests while also considering a desired language and culture diversity in the room and in the dorm.

4.  What rules apply in the dorms?

Most of our rules apply to maintaining respect, cleanliness and safety.  Therefore, we ask that students keep their rooms tidy, their clothes clean and neat, and take care of their dishes when they prepare food in the Common Room.  Laundry machines should not be used late at night, and noise and light should be kept at a minimum after 10:00 p.m.  As for safety, students should always lock their bedroom doors if they will be away, should always travel with a buddy after dark, and need to sign out so that we know where to find you if needed.  We require that all students have a U.S.-based cell phone.  We observe late night curfews in the dorms. 

5.  What facilities are provided in the dorms?

  • microwave
  • refrigerator
  • high definition wide-screen television
  • fitness equipment (girls dorm)
  • common room (all dorms)
  • piano (boys dorm)
  • quiet study room (boys dorm)
  • laundry machines
  • wireless internet service
  • a shared computer printer (paper and toner provided)
  • shared bathrooms on each floor
  • a storage cabinet for general cleaning supplies (towels, plastic bags, broom, vaccum, etc.)

Each dorm room is equipped with a bed, study desk, chair and lamp, bookshelf, clothes bureau, and hanging clothes wardrobe with clothes hangers.  Additional storage is available in the basement of the dorm for suitcases and out-of-season clothing.  We encourage students to keep their rooms tidy and their belongings to an acceptable minimum.

6.  What if I get sick?

If you feel ill at any time, contact any of the houseparents who live in the dorms.  A simple first-aid kit is kept in the dorms, and a call can be made to the school nurse at any time for further advice.  There are 24/7 clinics nearby with whom John Bapst has a relationship, as well as hospitals within five minutes’ drive of the dorm. 

The school provides travel insurance for its international boarding students. This insurance covers costs arising out of accidents, injuries and illnesses that occur while students are in residence or are traveling between home and the school. It does not cover well-patient care or treatments that can reasonably be delayed until the student returns home.

7.  Where do students eat?

Hot breakfast is provided on schooldays for the boarding population in a dining facility located behind the school on the grounds of the St. John’s Episcopal Church.  Lunch is served in the school auditorium to the entire school population.  Dinner is served six nights a week in the church dining hall, and one additional “brunch” is served on Saturday.  International student fees cover all meals.  

8. What supplies should I bring?

In July, you will receive a list of suggested items for your room, including bedding, clothing, computer and other personal items. You will also need a daypack or shoulder bag for your books and school supplies.Any supplies you will need may be purchased after you arrive, as well. There will be several shopping trips to area stores in the first few days to be sure you may get everything you want.  When you arrive, the weather will be moderate, though by fall you will require a sweater or light jacket, and in winter, you will need clothes for severe cold weather.  The John Bapst dress code is described in the Student-Parent Handbook, though can be summarized as requiring that students dress neatly and maintain their clothes in good condition.

9.  Can students return to the dorms during the school day?

Only by permission.  Juniors and seniors in good academic standing who also have leadership roles in the dorms are granted “Open Campus,” which means that they can remain in the dorms at the beginning or at the end of most days.

10.  Can my friends visit me in the dorm?

Yes, though your visitors must be John Bapst students, and may visit only during specified visiting hours.  There are no evening visiting hours except on Friday and Saturday nights. 

11.  What happens on weekends?

On most weekends, houseparents try to arrange activities and outings for students in the local environs.  Some of these trips have included hiking, rafting, museums, whale watching, and shopping.  Students are also free to explore the town on their own, and can propose trips that the houseparents will try to help arrange.   You can check out our “Innings and Outings” calendar on the webpage by…

12.  What about vacations?  Can I travel?

This depends on your age.  John Bapst does not allow students under the age of 18 to travel unless accompanied by someone over 18, or unless they are en route home.  This is largely owing to safety, and to the fact that many hotels will not allow unaccompanied minors. Forms requiring parent signature must be submitted in advance of all off-campus travel.   During the Christmas vacation, the residence halls are closed, meaning that all students living on campus must make arrangements to leave school.  The school can assist students in finding short-term homestays, but families should have alternative plans in the event the student may not be able to find a homestay.  Please plan early, as air tickets during the holiday season can be expensive and difficult to arrange.


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