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John Bapst


Student Life

Personal Counseling


Our Counselors Help with College Advising and Personal Matters

Experienced counselors Michelle Walsh and Nicholas Umphrey work with John Bapst students and families on a wide array of counseling matters.As a school that's 100% college-preparatory, John Bapst offers personalized college counseling. Each semester, evening parent meetings focusing on college admission procedures and strategies and on financial aid take place. Parents of all grade level students are welcome.

Students are welcome at any time to meet with the counselor to discuss topics of personal concern. Discussing a problem often helps the student realize a solution. Occasionally, however, the counselor may assist with a referral to an outside professional trained more specifically in a given area. The school is a great place to get started with an issue; ongoing, regularly counseling needs are referred to outside professionals.

Students may visit the Counseling Department during study halls or before and after school. Parents are welcome to call or email any time. Appointments can be scheduled through the School Office or by contacting the student's counselor. Note that counseling assignments are by student last name, as follows:

Mrs. Walsh -- Day students with last names beginning with the letters A through K; international students with last names from A - P

Mr. Umphrey -- Day students with last names from L - Z; international students with last names from Q - Z


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