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Booster Handbook


John Bapst Memorial High School Boosters Handbook 2011-2012

John Bapst Memorial High School supports and encourages efforts to raise funds for sports teams, fine arts programs, and other extra-curricular activities, particularly from friends and family.  

Goals of the All-Boosters Group

  • Help sustain and grow John Bapst’s extra-curricular programs and athletics.
  • Prioritize and execute fundraising.
  • Build continuity.
  • Manage donor prospects.
  • Increase flow of information between the school and the boosters groups.
  • Help determine best practices, protocol and policies governing boosters groups.
  • Serve as a place to bring proposed fundraising activities for approval.

Boosters Group Meetings – Frequency and Format

Meetings are held on an ad-hoc basis two or three times per year or as needed. Agendas will be distributed by the Director of Development.  Minutes will be taken.

Roles and Responsibilities

Development Office

The development office is dedicated to support the efforts of all boosters groups in an effort to help the school meet all of its funding needs and grow its base of donors year after year.  This office oversees all solicitations and ensures that donors get receipts in a timely manner, are thanked, and receive updates on what their funds are accomplishing.

The development office raises funds for the operational, capital, and endowment priorities of John Bapst in order to ensure John Bapst provides a high-quality college-prep education. The development office is responsible for managing the relationship between the school and its donors. All boosters group fundraising efforts that are approved by the development office and whose finances are overseen by the business office are able to offer tax deduction benefits to their donors. The development office’s involvement in the solicitation process is threefold: managing donor relations, preserving non-profit status, and drafting or approving language and responses to donors. 

Donor Relations

Once a person donates to the school, he or she is on the path of giving. Some may continue to give only to a particular project or sport (e.g., Project Graduation or Girls’ Basketball), while others may expand their support to other areas. It is the role of the development office to properly attend to all giving interests of the donors, to appropriately acknowledge all gifts in a timely manner, and to prevent multiple solicitations of one donor.

Preserving Non-Profit Status

John Bapst’s designation as a non-profit educational institution allows donors to claim charitable deductions on their tax returns provided that the school abides by IRS regulations. The school must monitor fundraising efforts in order to preserve its tax-exempt status.

Approval of Language and Response

When a group fundraises under the school umbrella, an individual receiving the solicitation from a boosters group does not necessarily differentiate between that request and other John Bapst solicitations. To help both the individual boosters groups’ and the school’s overall fundraising efforts, the development office monitors the content, appearance, timeliness, and accuracy of what goes out to potential donors. The John Bapst development office reviews all fundraising components including:

  • Solicitation list
  • Solicitation letter
  • Donor reply card
  • Follow-up correspondence

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my group approved to fundraise?

Maine Principals Association (MPA) rules and regulations stipulate that student athletes and coaches can fundraise for their sport only during that sport’s season. Summer is the only time when any student or coach can fundraise for any sport.  However, booster parents may raise funds outside of the sport’s season.

All boosters group fundraising activities—regardless of time of year or affiliation—must receive approval from the development office.  The development office:

  • Helps with building use applications for events.
  • Posts information about fundraising events on the website.
  • Ensures that no two groups want to hold the same kind of fundraiser on the same day or weekend.
  • Helps with appeal language and solicitation lists.

What kinds of fundraisers are allowed?

  • Bake sales, bottle drives, product sales or similar fundraisers: For fundraisers of these types, a fundraising form must be submitted and approved by the development office.  When a donor receives something of value equal to the money paid, it is not a tax-deductible gift.  Those who purchase goods (even if the boosters group makes money in the process) cannot be listed as donors in John Bapst school publications and typically do not receive an acknowledgement for participation in the fundraiser. 
  • Fundraising letters: The bulk of boosters group fundraising comes from family and friends. Direct solicitation of tax- deductible gifts or ads must be approved by the development office.  All letters should contain language related to tax implications of giving and allow donors to approve the way they will be listed in school publications.  Gifts that result from these solicitations must be acknowledged by the development office and recorded appropriately.  Note that all tax-deductible gifts must be given directly to the business office within 48 hours of receipt.  
  • Events: Fundraising events are approved in advance by the development office.  Event proceeds can fall into the tax-deductible or non tax-deductible category.  Someone who pays for a dinner and receives a dinner has not made a tax-deductible gift and need not be receipted or acknowledged.  Conversely, someone who writes a check or makes an in-kind gift and receives nothing in return has made a tax-deductible gift that must be receipted and acknowledged by the development office.  All tax-deductible gifts must be brought to the business office to be properly recorded.

What kinds of fundraisers are not allowed?

  • Students driving students
  • Fundraisers in bars
  • Gambling, including Hollywood Slots, bingo, card games, etc.
  • Anything involving alcohol or tobacco
  • Door-to-door sales
  • High-pressure tactics requiring parents to purchase
  • Donation cans in places of business
Who may we solicit?
  • Soliciting local businesses: Business solicitations must be pre-approved by the development office.  Fundraising groups bring a list of potential businesses to solicit to the boosters group meeting, which coordinates the list with that of other student groups, as well as with the school’s overall relationship with the business.  Managing the school’s relationships with local businesses helps all groups in the long run.
  • Soliciting for supplies (Gifts-in-Kind): For groups approved to solicit, any “gifts-in-kind” received (that is, non-cash donations such as lumber, gift certificates, or other supplies) involves documentation. The school must have information about these gifts in order to issue donor receipts and give recognition.
  • Solicitation list development: The development office does not provide lists of John Bapst’s alumni, parents or other donors.

How can people make gifts to my group?

  • Alert donors that checks must be made payable to John Bapst Memorial High School. Designation (not student fundraiser’s name) can go in memo line.
  • Ensure that any donor response card includes an option to be placed on John Bapst’s mailing list.
  • Let donors know that they can make gifts online at  Be sure they put the name of your boosters group in the area for gift restrictions.

Where do all the checks and cash go?

  • The school sets up a gift account through its business office for handling funds raised.
  • All tax-deductible gifts are given to the business office and processed through the development office.  Tax-deductible gifts must be delivered to the business office within 48 hours of receipt.  Groups may mail tax-deductible gifts to 100 Broadway, attn. Business Office, or bring gifts directly to the school.
  • The development office is responsible for generating and mailing receipts for donations. A standard thank you insert is mailed with all receipts.
  • We encourage all boosters groups to write personal thank you notes to donors.
  • All funds raised and spent by the boosters group must be accounted for through the school business office.

How do we know how much money we have in our account?

  • Keep your own financial records.  The business office will send or email each booster group a financial statement on a monthly basis.  Requests can be made to the business office on an ad hoc basis for account balances as well.

What is the process for making purchases from our account?

  • Ensure that there are sufficient funds in the organization’s account to cover the planned purchase.  If in doubt, call the Director of Finance at 947-0131 ext. 106.
  • Ask the Athletic, Fine Arts or Activity Director to forward a purchase requisition (for stores where the school has an account) or check request to the Business Office.
  • Pick up your purchase order or check from the Business Office.  You may call ahead (ext. 190) to be sure it is ready.
  • If you receive a store receipt, bring or mail it to the Business Office.

How else can the development office help booster groups?

  • Boosters groups can request that the development office return all response cards or list of donors to the group so students can write thank you notes shortly after gifts are received.
  • Boosters groups can request donor reports to help generate new solicitation lists.
  • Boosters groups can request the development office’s help in brainstorming for fundraising ideas, producing events, patronizing current donors and/or parents at the school,
  • and drafting fundraising letters.

How should the donor write a check?

Make checks out to “John Bapst Memorial High School” (as the tax-exempt nonprofit), with the designation of the intention of the donation (“Field Hockey”) noted in the memo line.

Can donors give online?

Your supporters can give online using the online donation form at Just fill in the team or project name they wish to support.

Are gifts to John Bapst tax-deductible?

John Bapst is a not-for-profit institution.  Gifts processed as described in this handbook are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donors should consult their tax advisor.

Will donors be added to John Bapst mailings?

The school assumes that friends do not wish to receive all school publications. John Bapst does not share its mailing lists.

Will your fundraising effort require donor receipts and acknowledgements?

For approved activities, fundraising efforts fall into two broad categories:

  • Those not requiring receipts for donors (bake sales, etc.). When goods or services are exchanged for money, as in a bake sale, donors do not receive a receipt from the school for tax purposes.
  • Those requiring receipts for donors (checks sent in response to letters, etc.).  However, any time a donor makes a charitable gift to John Bapst the gift will be receipted, thereby involving the development office in the fundraising process. If there is a question as to whether or not a gift is “charitable,” contact Airlia Britt (947-0313 ext. 116 or for clarification.

Who can answer questions about my booster activities?

Fundraising: Airlia Britt, ext. 116,

Finance: Bill Meier, ext 106,

Athletics:Rick Sinclair, ext. 157,

Fine Arts: Melissa Burns, ext. 121,

A list of the administrative team, advisors, committee chairs and coaches is available online.

What does the school pay for?


Uniform Purchase Policy

New uniforms are purchased for each team on a five-year rotation basis. The list is maintained by the Athletic Director. Individual donations are accepted for purchase of uniforms upon approval by the Athletic Director. The donor money must be given to the development office for receipt and acknowledgement. 

Uniform designs need to be pre-approved by the Athletic Director before orders are placed.  In the event that a team gets new uniforms via individual donations, that team moves to the bottom of the five-year rotation list. When a varsity team receives new uniforms, the older uniforms are distributed to the sub-varsity team (JV or freshman teams). Donations for uniforms may also be made for sub-varsity teams.

Team Banquet Policy

Teams are encouraged to have a team banquet at the end of each season, recognizing the achievements of student athletes, coaches, and volunteers. The banquet may take place at school or in a home, restaurant, or other appropriate location.  Plan the event and notify those students, parents, and coaches as far in advance as possible. Communicate the cost, date, time, and location of the banquet. A Building Use Request Form must be submitted for the use of any school facility.

The school provides varsity letters (one per sport), certificates, and pins for each team.  The school also provides three post-season awards such as MVP, MIP and coaches’ awards.

Money raised by the boosters group affiliated with the team may be used to pay for coaches’ meals, additional trophies, plaques, or other items for the team.

Coaches’ Stipends

Individual donations or booster funds cannot be used to pay the stipends of head coaches or assistant coaches. Funds may be raised to pay for “volunteer” assistants.  The Athletic Director does a check request for these funds when notified of sufficient funds.

Equipment Policy 

The school underwrites the cost of as much equipment necessary to play a sport as it can, within budgetary limitations.  Additional equipment may be identified by boosters groups working in tandem with coaches, and fundraising may be undertaken for such purchases.

Transportation Policy

The school pays for transportation to all games.  Boosters groups may contribute to the additional cost of coach buses for away games outside of the greater Bangor region. 

What logos may be used?

Teams and boosters may purchase sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, etc. The official Crusaders logo and the current, Board-adopted version of the John Bapst Memorial High School logo must be used for uniforms worn in games.  Artwork is available from the Director of Communications. Teams who alter the official logo for items not worn in games must have the logos approved in advance by the Head of School.

What is the process for determining fundraising purposes and goals?

Each boosters group takes the lead from coaches, the Athletic Director, the Fine Arts Department Head, Activity Director and the development office.  Boosters can decide not to raise money for items on a coach’s wish list.  Communication with other boosters group members and with the staff and team members is critical to a smooth goal-setting process.


For Gifts-in-Kind, please fill out the report form online, here.

For a Fundraising Activity Application, online click here.


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