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Hall of Fame 2010 Homecoming

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established at John Bapst in 1972 to recognize outstanding athletic achievement by players and coaches or other notable contributions to the athletic program at John Bapst. The Hall of Fame currently has 80 members including representatives from every decade since the 1930's.

Nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please complete a nomination form and return it to Airlia Britt, Director of Development JBMHS, 100 Broadway, ME 04401 ( The selection guidelines are included with the nomination form or you can see below. New members to the Athletic Hall of Fame are inducted at least once every five years.

Current members:

  • Were outstanding players in at least one sport during their high school career.
  • Exhibited good sportsmanship while at John Bapst and
  • Graduated from John Bapst at least 10 years ago.

Athletic Hall of Fame Members

Norbert X. Dowd, Coach Kenneth Harvey '51 Toni M Farrenkopf '80
Nat Crowley, Sr., Coach Bill Spencer '51 Tammy J. Stone '81
Robert Brennan ’43, Coach Leo E. Trainor '52 Jody Norton '83
Bob Cimbollek, Coach Gerry Thorne '55 Harold R. "Robbie" Stone '83
Ken Perrone, Coach Brian F. Murray '56 Patrick J. Culumovic '85
Bruce Pratt, Coach Thomas A. Tilley '57 Scott Phelps '88
John Mitchell, Coach Edward P. Gallant '57 Karen E. Smith '88
Francis Babine '32 Robert McAllister '59 Heather L. Hews '89
Albert Doherty '32 Thomas Jordan '60 Brett Soucy '90
John "Dunc" MacDonald '32 Edward “Bud” Farwell '62 Eliza Parker '90
John Carl Person '32 James C. Baker '63 Melissa Lockman '91
Bob Clukey '33 Thomas Bourbon '64 Dorian LeBlanc '93
Michael Casper '35 Richard "Dick" Soucy '64 Ken Rassi '93
James E. Rittal '35 Grover Coffin '65 Jennifer Sekera '94
Beverly "Bev" Dinsmore Timothy Marcoulier '65 Jennifer Collenburg '95
James Crowley '37 Kenneth Zuch '65 Heather McLeod '95
Daniel Mooney '39 Ron Soucie '66 Samuel Schaab '96
Francis "Bud" Coughlin '41 James "Biggy" Dionne '67 Jessica Miragliuolo '97
Collin “Bonnie” McKenna '42

Daniel O'Connell '67

Benjamin Pratt '97
Bob McDonald '44 Charles Greer '69 Kristi Millard '99
Robert Scribner '44 Sandy Miller '69 Nate 'Guy' Susi '00
Edward A. Black '47 Julie Brennan '70 Catherine Delvecchio '01
John "Blocky" Hickson '47 Mark Williams '71 Regan LeBlanc '01
Ronald "Rock" Pooler '47 Cheryl A. Higgins '72 Zev Myerowitz '02
Thomas Geaghan '48 Edward J. Hughes III '72 Alex Means '04
Joseph Cushing '49 Robert S. Quirk '73 Katie Andrle '05
Thomas "Cy" Gallant '49 Mark A. Higgins '74 Evelyn Sharkey '05
Francis Herbert '49 Gregory J. Veilleux '77  
Edgar Lamb '49 Dennis L. Whitney '77  
John "Billy" McCann '49 Francine Littlejohn '79  
  Timothy Donovan '79  


Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Process

Selection Process:

  • Anyone can nominate an alumnus/a or coach to the John Bapst Athletic Hall of Fame. Nominees are accepted on a rolling basis through a form on the website and through The Round Table.
  • Members of the Selection Committee are appointed by the Alumni Association and include current and former coaches and faculty, the Athletic Director and the Development Director. 
  • The Selection Committee presents a slate of proposed new inductees to the Alumni Association for a vote.
  • The Alumni Association votes on the slate, ratifying the final list of inductees.
  • New members are inducted at least every five years. 

Selection Criteria:

  • Must have been an outstanding player, coach, or have been associated with the athletic program in an outstanding fashion.
  • Must have graduated from John Bapst for a minimum of 10 years before time of proposed induction.
  • Must have been outstanding in the sport or sports in which nominee was affiliated.
  • Must have exemplified good sportsmanship during his or her time at John Bapst and must currently be a citizen in good standing. 

Selection Timeline:

  • Nominations accepted anytime.
  • Selection Committee meets at least every five years during the summer before Homecoming to propose a slate of new members.
  • The Alumni Association votes on the slate presented by the Selection Committee at its next meeting.

 Recognition Guidelines:

  • Inductees are presented with a commemorative plaque at Homecoming. Their names will be added to the John Bapst Hall of Fame plaques located at the school.

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