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Day Student Tuition & Fees


Day Student Tuition and Fees

Maine students coming from towns with school choice do not pay tuition directly to the school. Fees for activities, books, testing, and athletics are extra and are the responsibility of the individual family. Billing schedule and information may be found in the Tuition Payment section of the website. The school’s excellent college preparatory program is open to day students from any Maine town.

Costs for 2013-14:

Tuition $9,750
Activity fee    $410
Sports participation fee    $300

Following is a partial list of legal residences that paid all or a portion (*) of the John Bapst tuition for their students in 2010-2011:

Alton (RSU 34), Amherst (Airline CSD 8), Argyle  (Unorg. Territory), Aurora (Airline CSD 8), Blue Hill (SU 93), Bradley (RSU 34), Carmel *RSU 87/SAD 23, Castine (SU 93), Clifton (RSU 63/SAD 63), Dedham (Dedham), Dixmont *RSU 19, Eddington (RSU 63/SAD 63), Etna *RSU 19, Glenburn (RSU 26), Great Pond (Airline CSD 8), Greenbush (SU 90), Greenfield (ME DOE), Hancock (RSU 24), Holden (RSU 63/SAD 63), Indian Island (ME Ind. Ed.), Levant *RSU 87/SAD 23, Lowell (SAD30), Milford (SU 90), Orland (RSU 25), Orrington (SU 91), Osborn (Airline CSD 8), Otis (SU 92), Surry (SU 92), Veazie (RSU 26), Waltham (SAD 26)

If you have questions about whether your town is a "sending town" contact the Office of the Superintendent for the town in which the student resides for more information.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

A limited amount of tuition assistance is available for day students based on financial need. Admission will not necessarily result in a financial aid award, even when need is indicated. Families are encouraged to apply early.

Please read the form:Applying_for_Student_Financial_Aid.pdf

When you are ready to apply, please complete the: Financial_Aid_Application_Data_JB.pdf

In addition to completing and returning the application, you are asked to provide a copy of your most recent federal tax return (only the 1040 or comparable form, not the supporting schedules) to the school’s Director of Finance in an envelope marked Confidential.

For more information, call the Business Office at (207) 947-0313 extension 106.



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