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English DepartmentEnglish Class

Welcome to John Bapst Memorial High School’s English Department. Our primary goal is to bring all students to a high level of knowledge and achievement as thinkers, listeners, speakers, readers, and writers. It is important that every John Bapst graduate be ready for college-level reading and essay writing.

At our fingertips are great books from the past and present, along with essays, poetry, films, and resources of all kinds. Reading should be fun; English should be a voyage not only of cultural literacy but of self-discovery. In ninth grade we begin with the building blocks of the essay, and by senior year all John Bapst students know what it means to plan and write a clearly argued essay. Over half of John Bapst students take AP English Literature in grade 11 and AP English Language in grade 12.

John Bapst English teachers are experienced and passionate. We're eager to share the world of ideas and creativity with students from Maine and around the world.

John Emerson English IV, Creative Writing
Jennifer Babcock - Chair AP English Literature, English II, English III
Shelia Bennett AP English Language, English I, English II
Anna Brown English IV, English I, AP English Language
Maria Charlton English I, English III, AP English Literature
Jason Moreau English II, AP English Language
Mitch McCarthy AP English Literature, English I, English II

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Fine Arts DepartmentFine Arts - Chorale


The Fine Arts Department offers so many opportunities for students, helping to develop skills and levels of excellence that will not only allow for them to shine in the arts but also in other facets of their life, now and in the future.


Creativity, self-expression, risk-taking -- these are hallmarks of the visual arts, music, and drama. They're keys to student growth, and that growth is on display in every Winter and Spring Student Art Show, Holiday and Spring Concert, Fall Play and Spring Musical, and every assembly. Student performers kick off an assembly every seven days at John Bapst; performances opportunities abound.The music and art teachers are professionals themselves, and as a result of their passion and the program's richness, students go on to some of the top programs in the country: Oberlin, Berklee College of Music, the Art Institute of Chicago, Parsons, and many more.


The success of our program is also apparent in the numbers: 100 students in the Concert Band, 70 in the Chorale, 35 in the Chamber Ensemble, 25 in the Jazz Ensemble. On campus there are rock bands and country singers, classical violinists and pianists, and theater people who make the shows happen and make Drama one of the most popular classes on campus.


A world of opportunity and creativity is waiting for you!


Melissa Burns - Chair AP Studio Art, Advanced Art, Painting, Basic Design, Beginning Drama
Samantha Mahar AP Art History, Drawing, Sculpture and Ceramics, Film History and Criticism, Basic Design, SAT Prep
Al McIntyre Jazz Band, Honors Chorale, Chorale, Music Theory, Contemporary Music Workshop
Julie Ewing Chamber Ensemble, Concert Band, Intro to Band

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Health & Physical Education Department

Physical Education is offered in the freshman and sophomore years. One credit in Physical Education is required for graduation. Physical Education provides students with knowledge and skills that can be used in recreational activities and physical fitness throughout their lives. A positive sense of self is of great importance in young people, and the Physical Education Department strives to foster an atmosphere of positive attitudes and acceptance, no matter the level of an individual student’s skills. Our program focuses on improving student self-esteem, attaining better wellness, becoming less susceptible to stress and increasing the quality of life. The program hopes to instill in students the basic human values of fair play, self-esteem, self-confidence and respect.

Ryan DiPompo Physical Education
Shannon Whiting - Chair Wellness, Physical Education

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Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department provides a strong core college-preparatory curriculum, requiring four math credits. As a result, every John Bapst student graduates with the basic math prerequisites to move ahead in college, whether in the sciences and engineering or in fields like nursing, psychology, education, or others.

The range of options in the math curriculum accommodates the needs of our student population by providing courses suited to every level of prior knowledge and aspiration. Our offering of three Advanced Placement courses -- AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC -- is there to make sure no student has to slow down. In fact, for students who complete AP Calculus BC in the junior year or earlier, the school offers Multivariable Calculus or other opportunities to take advanced university-level mathematics.

John Bapst math teachers know their math; most have undergraduate degrees in mathematics or engineering, several have advanced degrees, and one has traveled the world presenting AP workshops to teachers in Europe, Asia, and Africa. We work together as a team and are available to help students before and after school -- even students that are not currently in our classes. Our teachers have high standards and expectations for students as individuals. Math matters -- and you can do it!

Carrie Jamison AP Statistics, Precalculus, Honors Algebra II
Brendan Murphy AP Calculus BC, Honors Algebra II, Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry
Nikki Novak - Chair AP Statistics, Algebra I, Honors Precalculus
Karen Levasseur AP Calculus AB, Honors Algebra II, Multivariable Calculus
Jessica Wentworth Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Algebra I, Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry
Elizabeth Wood Honors Precalculus, Honors Geometry


  Suggested Course Progression

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Modern & Classical LanguagesSpanish

Salve! ¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenus! Huanying! Those four words all mean "Welcome" in the languages that are taught here at John Bapst: Latin, Spanish, French, and Chinese. We offer a wide variety of offerings within our department of Modern and Classical Languages. Students may take four-year sequences in Chinese, Latin, French, and Spanish.

For modern languages, the goal is to develop proficiency in the communicative skills that will allow our students to acquire a life skill for today's global market. With the use of readings, dialogues, authentic online materials, and listening CD's/DVD's of native speakers, the emphasis in our classrooms is the promotion of these real-world listening, speaking, reading, and writing capacities. Adding a layer of richness and fun is the exposure to cultures that contribute to a well-rounded global education. John Bapst is fortunate to have international students among its student body; students interact with speakers of other languages daily.

We encourage our students to take all four years of their chosen language. Many double up and take a second language as well.

In addition to our in class cultural experiences, trips are organized to places where the foreign languages are being spoken. Within the past five years student groups have gone to Costa Rica, Quebec City, Italy, Mexico, France, Spain, and elsewhere.

Eblin Molina - Chair AP Spanish/Honors Spanish IV, Honors Spanish III, Spanish I
Yann Dupuy AP French/Honors French IV, Honors French III, French II
Joan Howson AP Latin, Honors Latin III, Latin II, Latin I
Xiuping Ladd AP/Honors Chinese IV, Honors Chinese III, Chinese II, Chinese I
Jason Moreau French I

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Science DepartmentScience Lab

At John Bapst, science puts students in touch with vital knowledge and skills for today's world. Biology, chemistry, and physics are foundations for deeper learning in a range of elective areas, and study at the Advanced Placement level is popular in each of these sciences as well.

Learning science means doing science. Most students take four or more science offerings, developing the thinking skills and knowledge of lab procedures that will prepare them for science at the college level. Many John Bapst students choose an independent study option through the Distinguished Scholars Program; many also go on to majors and careers in the medical sciences, engineering, and research.

The John Bapst Science Department faculty includes specialists in a number of areas, including astronomy, marine sciences, and environmental education. This is the place to come for students who want to connect textbook knowledge to science in the real world.

Scott Burgess AP Physics, Honors Physics, Astronomy
Beth Campbell Honors Biology, Oceanography
Michael Dudley Physics, Honors Physics
Mary Lammert - Chair AP Chemistry, Chemistry
Sarah O'Connell Honors Chemistry, Biology
Trish Ortiz Anatomy and Physiology, Biology
Tanya Lubansky  AP Biology, Ecology


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Social Sciences DepartmentHistory

The Social Sciences Department at John Bapst features an impressive variety of academic courses and learning opportunities. The world is under the microscope as students learn the story of humankind through survey courses like World History and American History and through electives tailored to faculty specialities and key fields like anthropology, government, and economics.

Study within the department is sequential. By junior year  students are choosing from a menu of electives according to their interests and goals. Our perspective on the past is increasingly global and multi-disciplinary. Students hone their critical thinking, presentation, and writing skills as they encounter economics, human geography, politics, and cultural study.

For teachers in the department, learning goes far beyond something they majored in in college. The Social Sciences Department includes teachers whose own perspectives grow out of the diversity of their experiences all over this country and around the world. And for students who want to push ahead into Advanced Placement study, AP courses are offered in several of these areas.

Jacob Maddaus

World History, Economics, American History
David Armistead AP Human Geography
Eric Duncan AP European History, World History, American History
Amy Grover World Cultures, World Issues, Anthropology, World History
Ben Hale American History, AP Human Geography, AP Comparative Government
Jason O'Reilly - Chair AP US History, American History

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Engineering and Technology DepartmentComputer

The Engineering and Technology Department offers a broad and deep set of engineering- and technology-specific elective courses and extra-curricular activities in order to provide a well rounded STEM program at John Bapst. For students who already have a passion for technology and for those eager to learn as much as they can to prepare for the world ahead of them, this is an inspiring and growing department.  

Available courses computer programming, software engineering, general engineering, robotics, and graphic design.  Once classes end, the opportunities students have for learning do not.The school's award-winning Cyber-Defense Team develops programming and trouble-shooting skills in an area where the job market is burgeoning. Students participate in robotics as members of an active Robotics Team that competes regionally. Within the school, the Tech Team operates the school's IT helpdesk, providing valuable services to teachers, staff, and students and gaining valuable skills in the process. 

As with all of the technology and engineering programs at John Bapst, there is no experience necessary in order to get started. Just bring your enthusiasm!

Note that while John Bapst is not a laptop or iPad school, we encourage students to bring their own computers and other devices to school. Many classes involve internet research or document creation; teachers in their areas guide student research as we learn to go far beyond a Wikipedia search. The school has its own desktop clusters and laptop computer carts, as well as printers, for student use. The school's wireless network is positioned to provide access for all on-campus devices -- including in the dormitories. The school is also the beneficiary of a high bandwidth fiber optic connection through NetworkMaine, which provides almost limitless internet capacity.

Michael Murphy - Technology Director

AP Computer Programming, Robotics, C+ Programming, Engineering I and II, Cyber-Defense, Graphic Design

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English as a Second Language

David Petito Intermediate ESL, Advanced ESL

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