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John Bapst



Program of Study


Students carry a course load of at least five academic subjects each semester.

Program of Study

The Program of Study offers detailed descriptions of each class within the Course List, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes, prerequisites, and credits awarded for successful completion of the class. Listed for each class are course topics and instruction methods.

To read detailed course descriptions, course topics and methods, please download the Program of Study and Course Study 

(Some courses will be offered only with sufficient student enrollment.)

Course List


Algebra I

Algebra IA

Honors Algebra I


Honors Geometry

Algebra II

Honors Algebra II

Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry


Honors Precalculus


Honors Calculus

AP Calculus (AB)

AP Calculus (BC)

AP Statistics

Multivariable Calculus


English I

English II

English III

AP English III – Literature & Composition

English IV

AP English IV - Language & Composition

Creative Writing *


Intensive English Workshop (ESL)


Test Preparation

SAT Preparation

Intensive English Workshop (TOEFL)


Fine Arts

Drawing (semester)

Basic Design (semester)

Painting (semester)

Digital Photography & Design (semester)

Film History and Criticism (semester)

Printmaking (semester)

Beginning Drama

Advanced Art

AP Studio Art

AP Art History

Music Theory (semester)

Introduction to Band & Chamber

Concert Band #

Chamber Ensemble # (audition req.)

Jazz Band # (audition req.)

Chorale #

Honors Chorale # (audition req.)

Contemporary Music Workshop



Honors Biology


Honors Chemistry


Honors Physics

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

Environmental Geology

Anatomy and Physiology (semester)

Ecology (semester)

Oceanography (semester)

Astronomy (semester)

Modern and Classical


Chinese I

Chinese II

Honors Chinese III

Honors Chinese IV

French I

French II

Honors French III

AP French/Honors French IV

Latin I

Latin II

Honors Latin III

AP Latin/Honors Latin IV

Spanish I

Spanish II

Honors Spanish III

AP Spanish/Honors Spanish IV

AP Spanish Literature

Social Sciences

World History

American History


AP U. S. History

AP European History

AP Comparative Government

AP Human Geography

World Cultures (semester)

World Issues (semester)

Cultural Anthropology (semester)

Anthropology II (semester)



AP Computer Science^

C Programming (semester)

Linux Scripting (semester)

Artifical Intelligence (semester)

Engineering I (semester)

Engineeering II (semester)

Robotics I (semester)


Health and Wellness

Physical Education (Gym)

Wellness (semester)


# students may be in multiple ensembles at once, all may require performances and rehearsels outside of the school day

^Students may earn university credit

*Satisfies the Fine Arts requirement

Bold italics  requires teacher recommendation


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