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From its founding in 1928, John Bapst has a long history of academic excellence. What people don't always know is how dedicated the school is to the individual student.

Far from a cookie-cutter approach, John Bapst takes the student where he or she is and then finds and develops that potential. From as early as the ninth grade, we want to know what makes each student different. This year our ninth-graders take eight different math courses from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus. Students choose the language they want to study; they also follow their interests and passions in music, art, drama, and computer science.

Teachers at John Bapst are masters of their craft. In addition to teaching Advanced Placement courses in 17 areas here on our campus, they fan out across Maine and the nation to learn more about their particular area and more about how to make the skills and knowledge they teach meaningful to students. Every day before and after school, they are here to give extra help, encouragement, and enrichment. 

Students at John Bapst, from 35 Maine towns and eight other countries, graduate with opportunities to take advantage of great programs in Maine and acceptances to top colleges in New England and the United States. The school's curriculum is both rigorous and interesting. Visit our school today and you'll see students designing robots, debating the merits of political candidates, reciting poetry, conducting science labs, and speaking Chinese. Don't be surprised, by the way, if you see a lot of students -- and teachers -- having fun!

While the student population has changed over time, the focus on academic excellence at John Bapst has held constant. Come be inspired! Our students do great things, and we're here constantly striving to make John Bapst a better school.

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David Armistead
Principal and Academic Dean


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